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Love Go, Docker, and ambitious distributed systems challenges? Think there should be a better alternative to Hadoop? We might just be the perfect place for you!

At Pachyderm, we're building an open-source ecosystem of infrastructure tools for collaborating on large-scale data analytics. If you want to learn more about our grand vision, read what has become our "manifesto."

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We do all our development on GitHub. We'd love for you to submit issues, pull requests, and participate in design discussions.

Want to contribute, but not sure where to begin? Look for issues labeled "Noob Friendly."

Open Positions

Pachyderm is a super small team of highly motivated engineers, so you'd be getting in right on the ground floor and have an enormous impact on the success and direction of the company as well as building the rest of the engineering team.

We pay solid SF-based salaries along with significant equity because at this stage in our company's life, the right person is worth anything. We also offer full health benefits, unlimited vacation, flexible work hours and all the usual startup perks.

Tell us about yourself and/or send a link to your GitHub to apply:

Core Systems Engineer

You'll be building the core storage and processing systems in Pachyderm. Distributed systems and building robust infrastructure is what you're all about. Pachyderm is completely build in Go, but past Go experience is not a requirement for this role. A passion for building data infrastructure, developer tools, and OSS is a plus.

If you have a deep understanding and love for concurrency models, distributed systems, data structures, and algorithms, this would be perfect for you. You'll be solving incredibly challenging technical problems and designing API's every single day.

Lead Javascript Frontend Engineer

We're looking for a Javascript and user interaction expert to join and help lead our front-end engineering team. You should have experience building production applications using modern JS frameworks and HTML/CSS. Exposure to full product life cycles and designing interfaces that are easily updated over time as products evolve is a must.

Some backend server-side familiarity is also a nice plus, but not a requirement. You're not expected to be brilliant designer, but you should be able to put together an interface that's reasonably appealing and easy to interact with.

Lead Developer Advocate

Pachyderm is looking for someone to start, lead, and build our Developer Advocacy team. We're completely open source, and we're just hitting our community and product stride where we need someone full-time to build machine learning and data science examples, write blog posts, give talks, evangelize Go, Docker, and Kubernetes, and generally just get Pachyderm in on the conversation.

"Wearing many hats" would be an understatement as your job, in addition to the above, will include working with developers and customers to get their data into Pachyderm. If you want, you'll even get some exposure building some of the infrastructure itself too as you tackle fixing some of the bugs and usability challenges you come across. The role is perfect for someone who considers themselves a social engineer, loves to teach, and likes to get involved in tons of small projects.

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